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Awoken Zeus Vulcan Full Stats and Skill CD Revealed

Revealed in the latest download are the full details on Zeus Vulcan. Looks like he will have max stats of 3830 HP, 1303 ATK and 357 RCV. He will take 5 million EXP to max level. The ‘Mars Delight’ skill will have an initial cool down of 22 turns, but at max skill will be at 12 turns.

Check out the full details in our database here.

New Characters Revealed – Including Fairy-Tale Girls Series and More

On the weekly Niconico event YamaP announced several new monsters, including a new ‘Fairy-Tale Girls’ series and some additional monsters that will be part of the new Dragon Knight Princess series. The ‘Fairy-Tale Girls’ will apparently be rolled out of the rare gacha. Above you can see the image for Thumbelina and below is unevolved and evolved Snow White. There is also an image of the new Fire Zeus, that will be a descend dungeon coming on 6/13. For the Dragon Knight Princess series, in addition to the already officially announced Himiko, there is Cleopatra and Ishtar.