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Susanoo, Orochi and Tsukuyomi Ultimate Evolution Images Released

Murako on twitter today released the much anticipated images of the upcoming ultimate evolutions for Susanoo and Orochi. I have also included the alternate ultimate evolution image for Tsukuyomi (who will be getting 2 ultimate evolutions) which was released yesterday. See the images and the original tweets below.

New Ultimate Evolution Images – Yomi, Amaterasu and Gigas

Over the last several days Murako has posted a few different images of new ultimate evolutions, including those for Amaterasu, Yomi and Gigas. Gigas’ evolution will be coming this week along with the evolutions for Zeus, Hera and Vampire. As for Amaterasu and Yomi stay tuned on the timing for those. See the images and the official tweets below.

New Awoken/Enhanced Skill System Coming in September

On the weekly NiconicoTV web show Yamamoto Producer showcased one of the new updates in the works for P&D, which is currently scheduled to possibly be implemented in September.

The details are still a little unclear, but it seems that monsters will get some sort of boost/awoken skill additions that provide incremental benefits and bonuses in dungeons. The examples given during the show were for Odin, Tyrannos and Yomi. From the monster detail screen you can see where there are a few boxes on the right side of the screen, and when you press on these you can access these awoken skills.

There will also be a little mark that shows on the monster box and lineup screens in the top right of the monster icon to indicate there are awoken skills.

For Yomi it was shown one skill where enhanced (boosted) dark drops would fall. Another one was shown where the time to move the drops/orbs would be extended (commented that this would help with Ra, etc.)

For Tyrannos it was shown a skill where attack is increased by 50 and one where HP is increased by 100.

For Odin it was shown one skill where the turn cooldown was boosted by 1. The other shown was one where there would be resistance to being bound by the enemy monster.

You can access the full Appbank story on this here.