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Sticker Girl Gacha Returning with New Valkyries, Chiyome and Hatsume


Gungho has announced that there will be a new rare gacha event running from 4/16 at 12:00 through 4/20 that will be a new version of the Sticker Girl Gacha. This time you will be able to pull the 4 and 5 star versions of the Sticker Girls, as well as the Fire, Water and Dark Valkyries in addition to Chiyome and Hatsume. The Fire Valkyrie was just announced yesterday and you can see her evolution below (will be fire/light element).

New Fruits Dragon, Water Pirate Dragon and Possible Alternate Valkyrie Illustrations

Murako posted some new illustrations on Twitter. First (pictured above) is one of the new fruits dragon series that Yamamoto has previously mentioned. Pictured is Ichigo-dragon chan. Additionally is an image of the upcoming Water Pirate Dragon which is below, as well as an alternate version of Valkyrie. No word on whether this is just an illustration or whether there may actually be an alternate ultimate evolution for Valkyrie at some point. See the official tweets below as well.