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Sticker Girl Gacha Returning with New Valkyries, Chiyome and Hatsume


Gungho has announced that there will be a new rare gacha event running from 4/16 at 12:00 through 4/20 that will be a new version of the Sticker Girl Gacha. This time you will be able to pull the 4 and 5 star versions of the Sticker Girls, as well as the Fire, Water and Dark Valkyries in addition to Chiyome and Hatsume. The Fire Valkyrie was just announced yesterday and you can see her evolution below (will be fire/light element).

Chinese Gods Will Be Available in Sticker Girl Gacha Starting Tomorrow at Noon (11/13)

In a big news announcement, that additional TBD item for the latest 2013 Trendy event has now been revealed, and it is something else. The much loved Sticker Girl Gacha will be returning on 11/13 at 12:00 through 11/17. The key addition here is that now the 5 Chinese gods can be rolled in the Sticker Girl Gacha as well. The announcement states that there will be a x4 chance to roll one of these Chinese gods, so no telling what the actual rate will be, but this is pretty amazing that you will be able to roll the Chinese gods in this Gacha.

As a couple of additional points, the Sticker Girls themselves get a stat upgrade of 300 ATK each, and their skill’s cool downs have been reduced 1 turn so that their normal cool down is 14 turns, and at max skill it is 9 turns (down from 15 and 10 respectively). Also there is a change to the Bree’s active skill (the Takaoka fish). His skill is now dark orbs changed to water, and wood orbs changed to recovery (instead of fire to recovery).

Sky Dragon Ultimate Evolution Details and Un-evolved Sticker Girl Skill Update

In anticipation of the Sky Dragon Rush dungeon hitting tomorrow, Gungho has released the details of the ultimate evolutions of the Sky Dragons. It is anticipated that the ultimate evolutions will be droppable on the highest difficulty of the dungeon, with the unevolved version dropping on the lower difficulties. See below for the details on the ultimate evolution materials.

Also, Gungho announced that they will be adding the drop change skills for the sticker girls to the lowest, un-evolved form (currently the lowest un-evolved form had no skill).

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