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Gungho and Gunma Collaboration Updates and Awakenings Announced

Gungho has announced new awakenings and some updates to the characters from the Gungho and Gunma collaborations. Check out the details below.

Gunma-kun’s active skill changes from heal for 500HP to reduce damage slightly for 1 turn, and heal for 500HP.

And the characters are getting the following awakenings.

Gunma-kun – wood row enhance and auto heal
Keri-Hime – light orb enhance and skill resist
Gao Gao King – fire orb enhance and skill boost
Seiuchi-san – water orb enhance and water resist
Jelly Angels – wood orb enhance and wood resist
Kite Penpen – light orb enhance and light resist
Devil Eye – dark orb enhance and dark resist
Romantic Cathy – dark orb enhance and attack +50
Ukai Magoroku – water orb enhance and plus 100 HP

Keri-Hime (Princess Punt) and Droid Dragon Ultimate Evolution Details

Gungho has released official details of the Keri-Hime and Droid Dragon ultimate evolutions that will coincide with the 1 year Android anniversary event. See the full details here.

As far as the changes with the evolution, it seems that Keri-Hime has gotten a 100x ATK nuke and Droid Dragon gets a skill that eliminates enemy defense (similar to Shiva/Soldier possibly?).