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New Ultimate Evolution Images – Yomi, Amaterasu and Gigas

Over the last several days Murako has posted a few different images of new ultimate evolutions, including those for Amaterasu, Yomi and Gigas. Gigas’ evolution will be coming this week along with the evolutions for Zeus, Hera and Vampire. As for Amaterasu and Yomi stay tuned on the timing for those. See the images and the official tweets below.

Trendy Best 2013 Event Announced – Starting Monday

Gungho announced a new event celebrating Puzzle and Dragons receiving the #2 spot on the Trendy 2013 list. There are some big announcements in this list so check them all out below. The event will run from Monday 11/11 through Sunday 11/17. You can see the official post from Gungho here.

1. Daily Free Stones (total of 7)

2. Godfest – 11/15 at 15:00 through 11/16 at 14:59
Featuring the new and old Japanese gods, as well as Metatron, Odin and a new Godfest only god – Sonia. Sonia will have two types, a Dragon/Demon type and a Dragon/Balance type. Stay tuned for further details about Sonia.

3. New Ultimate Evolutions for Zeus, Hera, Gigas and Vampire Lord
The previously announced ultimate evolutions for Zeus, Hera, Gigas and Vampire Lord will become available on Friday (11/15) Japan time. As mentioned below, it appears that to ultimate evolve Hera, Zeus and Vampire Lord you will need the new lits.

4. New Twin-Lit Descended Dungeon
There will be a new Twin-Lit descended dungeon open from 11/15 at 12:00 through 11/17 at 11:59. Based on what we can tell you will need these new lits to ultimate evolve Hera, Zeus and Vampire Lord. It will be a super hell class dungeon.

5. New Technical Endless Corridor
There will be a new technical endless corridor dungeon. It appears that you will have to have cleared the current endless corridor for this new one to appear.

6. Special Dungeon Renewal
There will be a renewal of some special/collaboration dungeons during the event.
– Lightless Devil’s Nest (Vampire Dungeon) – 11/11-11/13
– Takaoka Collaboration – 11/14
– ECO Collaboration – 11/15-11/17

7. Special Guerilla Dungeons – Super Metals and Super Golds
There will also be increased chance of Kings.

8. Daily Dungeon Bonuses
– Tuesday – Friday Dungeons – Drop x2
– Saturday Dungeon – Coin 1.5x

9. Skill Up Rate x2

10. Rare Evo Materials in the regular gacha

11. There will be another announcement coming about this event as well, so stay tuned.