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Return of Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders Collaboration Dungeon Announced

Gungho has announced the 5th iteration of the Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders collaboration, including the FFCD gacha and some of the new ultimate evolutions we have previously announced. The event will run from 11/29 through 12/8. You can see all the official details here.

1. New Ultimate Evolutions for Bahamu and Soldier. Bahamut gets physical sub-type. New leader skills as well.

2. FFCD Collab Character Power Up
– Added some awakenings and more

3. New Chocobo Dungeon

4. Return of Moogle Dungeon

5. FFCD Collab Dungeon Renewal

6. Return of FFCD Gacha

7. Crystals in the Regular Gacha

New Monster Images of Izanami, Dark Chaser and FFCD Evolution Characters

Included in the latest update were some new images for the new Izanami descended dungeon as well as the new Dark Chaser and the already announced Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders ultimate evolutions for Bahamut, Soldier and Malboro King. Check out the new images below, thanks to Pazusoku for the images.

New Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders Collab Character Ultimate Evolution Illustrations

Murako posted on Twitter this week a few new illustrations of possible ultimate evolutions for some of the Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders collaboration monsters. Shown so far are Bahamut (above) and Soldier (below). Stay tuned for more. The FFCD collaboration is rumored to be coming back in December so stay tuned for further details.