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Murako Follower Event Full Details – Runs from 8/2 through 8/11

Full details were finally posted on the timing of the events for the Murako 500k Twitter follower event. It begins today and runs through 8/11. See below for all the details and you can access the official page here.

1. Mura-collection rare gacha during event (from 8/2 12:00 through 8/9 11:59)
The chances for select rare monsters is increased x3 during this event. These monsters drawn also will draw with their Level already at 30. The monsters that have increased rates are:

6 Star Rarity:
Yamato no Orochi

5 Star Rarity:
Mei Mei

4 Star Rarity:
Piedrawn (Lv35)

2. Daily Free Stone

3. GodFest – 8/2 15:00 through 8/3 14:59 (Japan Time)

Included in this GodFest are Shiva, Lakshmi, Pavarti, Indra, Vritra, Freya, I&I, Freyr, Freya (also in Mura-Colle), Thor, Loki, Both Odins and Both Metatrons.

4. Special Dungeon Renewal

Enquete Dungeon 4 and Tower of Jewel are both returning for 72 hours each with a x2 drop rate. Enquete Dungeon 4 will be up from 8/2 at 12:00 through 8/5 at 11:59 and Tower of Jewel will be up from 8/6 at 12:00 through 8/9 at 11:59.

5. Sky Dragon Rush Special Dungeon

Will be up from 8/10 at 0:00 until 8/11 at 23:59.

6. Chance of plus eggs from technical dungeons x5

7. Special Guerilla Dungeons and King Rate x2 on Normal Guerilla Dungeons

We will have Choki Metal and Choki Sapphire dungeons during the event (Choki Metal is today).

8. Daily Dungeon Bonuses

For Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday dungeons drop rate is x2. Coin rate for Saturday/Weekend dungeon is 1.5x.

9. Skill up rate x2

10. Rare evolution materials in the Gacha

Mura-Fest Event Coming 8/2 Through 8/11

On the most recent NiconicoTV show they announced that the Murako 500,000 twitter follower event would be starting this Friday running through 8/11. Below are all of the special features of this event.

Mura-collection rare gacha for the event.

God Fest during the event (time TBD).

Sky Dragon Rush special dungeon. Images of the sky dragon ultimate evolutions below:

Elysion (Dark and Light Element)

El Dorado (Fire and Water Element)

Horai (Wood and Fire Element)

Shangri-La (Light and Wood Element)

Nirai Kanai (Water and Dark Element)

Special Dungeons – Enquete Dungeon 4 (Naga Dungeon) and Jewel Dungeon (with x2 Drop Rate)

Daily Magic Stone

5x Chance for Plus Eggs in Technical Dungeons

Increased chance of kings in guerilla dungeons, will have super sapphire and super metal king dungeons

Daily dungeon bonuses

Evo materials in the regular gacha

Skill level up x2

Images are from the Pazusoku blog.