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New Dragon Princess Dungeons Begin on 6/9, Will Be Same Character Restricted Dungeons

Gungho has announced the first Dragon Princess dungeon will begin on 6/9 and run for 2 weeks. As part of the announcement of the time we can now see that the Dragon Princess series of dungeons will be same character restricted dungeons (similar to Sandalphon). Check out the first image of the boss in the dungeon below.

There will also be a skill up monster for Cao Cao in the dungeon.


New Characters Revealed – Including Fairy-Tale Girls Series and More

On the weekly Niconico event YamaP announced several new monsters, including a new ‘Fairy-Tale Girls’ series and some additional monsters that will be part of the new Dragon Knight Princess series. The ‘Fairy-Tale Girls’ will apparently be rolled out of the rare gacha. Above you can see the image for Thumbelina and below is unevolved and evolved Snow White. There is also an image of the new Fire Zeus, that will be a descend dungeon coming on 6/13. For the Dragon Knight Princess series, in addition to the already officially announced Himiko, there is Cleopatra and Ishtar.