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16 Million Download Event Starting Friday, July 12th

Gungho has announced that a new event commemorating 16 million downloads of Puzzle and Dragons will begin on Friday, July 12th and run through Friday, July 19th (Japan Time). Featured in this event are the following:

1. Daily Free Stone – One free stone each day, total of 8 over the course of the event

2. God Fest – From 7/13 at 15:00 through 7/14 at 14:59 Japan Time

Featured are the Egyptian Gods (Horus, Isis, Bastet, Ra, Anubis), Greek Gods (Ares, Hermes, Artemis, Apollo, Persephone) as well as the GodFest-exclusive Metatrons and Odins

3. Shinrabanshou Choco Collaboration Dungeon Renewal

This collab dungeon is back from 7/12 through 7/14, and Saiga and Apollo have gotten new ultimate evolutions as well.

4. New Descended Dungeon – Tengu Descended

New descended dungeon up from 7/15 to 7/16. There will be a team cost restriction of 12 such that none of your monsters or your friend’s leader can have a cost over 12.

5. Densetsu (Legendary) Dragon Rush Dungeon will be up from 7/17 through 7/19

6. Increased chance for Kings in the guerilla dungeons, as well as the appearance of the Super Metal and Super Ruby Dragon Dungeons

7. Daily Dungeon Bonuses

Daily dungeons will get bonuses as follows during the event:
Tuesday dungeon – Drop x2
Wednesday dungeon – Drop x2
Thursday dungeon – Drop x2
Friday dungeon – Drop x2
Saturday/Weekend dungeon – Coins x1.5

8. Skill Up Rate x2 During the Event

9. Chances for King and Super Kings in the regular gacha machine

All of the kings are available and Super Metal and Super Gold Dragons. Also Wafermen and Dragon Orbs from the Choco Collab will be available as well