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New P&D Updates, Ultimate Evolution Hera and Challenge Mode Coming

Famitsu App and Gungho had a webcast show on Niconico celebrating Puzzle & Dragons’ 20 million downloads, and as part of the show Yamamoto producer made some new announcements regarding future updates for P&D. First was an ultimate evolution for Hera, which is pictured above, but any information about stat boosts or skill updates is still to be determined.

The other big announcement is that with the next update there will be a new ‘Challenge Mode’ which will consist of running the normal and technical dungeons with 1 leader from your group, and friends making up all of your subs and friend leader. It appears that the friend leader skill will not be active for this mode, and your friends will just be subs basically. Also no continues will be allowed for this mode. There are some images below of the interface screens for this. As far as we know, the actual dungeons themselves will be exactly the same in terms of monsters/etc but will just have this new set of rules, although that could change. Also, it appears that it will be allowed for all technical and normal dungeons (total of 59 dungeons). And you will be able to get magic stones for clearing these dungeons as well. See the images below. You can see the original article on Famitsu App here.