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Batman Arkham Origins Collaboration Returns to P&D Japan

The US got the return of the Batman collaboration around the end of last year, and now it looks like the updated dungeon is making its way to the Japanese version of the game as well. The new dungeon will be up from 3/17 through 3/30. There will also be the Batman collaboration gacha machine up from 3/17 to 3/30 as well. There will also be a new ultimate evolution of the Batman + S-Glove monster. Check out the details below.

Batman & SGAct FB – Gets demon sub-type
Max Lvl Stats – HP: 3903 / ATK: 1398 / RCV: 52

Batman collaboration dungeon renewal with new characters. These have been previously revealed in the US version. You can see all the details of these skill ups/etc here.

Return of the Batman collaboration gacha as well.

Second Batman Arkham Origins Collaboration Dungeon Coming to US

Just posted on Gungho’s site, they have announced that the second Batman Arkham Origins collaboration dungeon will be coming to the US version of Puzzle & Dragons on December 23 through January 5th. No word yet on when this dungeon will be appearing in the Japan version, although they have already announced for Hunter x Hunter and Ancient Fire Dragon dungeons starting on 12/23 in Japan, so this may be slightly delayed.

You can see the official story here.

Batman Collaboration Officially Announced, Includes Dungeon and Rare Gacha

Gungho has officially released details about the Batman collaboration that was discovered in some of the downloaded files in the most recent update. It will be a promotion for the soon to be released Batman Arkham Origins game. The collaboration will run from 10/30 at 12:00 through 11/13 at 11:59 Japan time.

There will be a dungeon, which seems to be only 1 battle against the Joker, but it will have 4 difficulties.

In addition, there will be a Batman rare gacha featuring 5 Batman characters, some of which you can see below. The page also notes that during the 20 million download event all of these rare gacha characters will be plus eggs (through 11/4).

The 5 characters will be:
– Batman and S-Glove (dark/light element)
– Batman and Batwing (dark/water element)
– Catwoman (fire element)
– Robin (wood element)
– Batman and Batarang (dual dark element)

Batman Collaboration Coming

Included in the data with the download after the 6.1 update was some new images for a Batman themed rare gacha machine (above) as well as several characters from the Batman universe implying that there will at least be a Batman rare collab gacha, and possibly a Batman dungeon coming soon (possibly as soon as Monday). See the new artwork below (images from PAD Plus).