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Baskin Robbins (31 Ice Cream) Collaboration Dungeon Announced

There had already been substantial leaks of information on this collaboration but now the details have finally been released. It will only be up for 24 hours, for the whole day of 10/31 (Japan time). As has been mentioned elsewhere, all of the elemental lits in here will be skill ups for the corresponding color of rider. Ice cream Bastet will skill up regular Bastet as well. Looks like 3 difficulties of dungeon, see the images below.

Details on Mystic Knight and Bastet Ultimate Evolutions, Plus Other Assorted Updates

Gungho posted the details on the much anticipated ultimate evolutions for the Mystic Knights as well as Bastet. Also revealed were the specifics on the Toy Dragon series sub-types, the element enhance skills and Ookuninushi’s leader skill. See below for all of the relevant details, and you can see the official announcement here.

Ultimate Evolution Leader Skills:
Phoenix Knight Homura – Balance type attack and recovery x2
Fenrir Knight Kamui – Balance type attack x3
Ancient Dragon Knight – Dragon type attack x3
Verche – God type attack and recovery x2
Chaos Dragon Knight – Dragon type HP and attack x2
Bastet – Over 4 combos increases attack up to maximum of 4x (still 2.5x at 4 combos, increases 0.5x for each combo after that to get to 4x at 7 combos)

Ancient Dragon Knight and Chaos Dragon Knight get Balance sub-type
Bastet gets Healer sub-type

All of the knights also get dual-element attack, and Bastet gets a light sub-element.

Toy Dragons:
Also the Toy Dragon series have all recieved stat boosts as well as sub-types. See the details below:
Flare Drall – Attacker type, attack stat boosted
Megalodoran – Physical type, HP boosted
Fortoytops – Balance type, attack and recovery boosted
Angelion – Healer type, recovery boosted
Drawn Joker – HP boosted (DJ was already demon type)

Element enhance and recovery enhance boosted:
All of the element enhance skills have had increases from 2 turns to 3 turns active. Amenouzume’s recovery enhance skill has increased from 3 turns to 4 turns.

Also, Ookuninushi’s leader skill’s multiplied has been increased from 3.5x to 4x.

Japan Game Awards 2013 Event Announced (Including Super Godfest)

Gungho has announced a Japan Game Awards 2013 event starting this Friday, 9/27, at noon Japan time. The event will run from 9/27 at noon until 10/6 at midnight. See below for all of the relevant details, and you can see the official announcement here.

1. Daily Free Stone (total of 10)

2. Godfest – Super Edition – runs from 9/30 at 15:00 through 10/1 at 14:59 Japan time

A super sized version of godfest featuring the Egyptian gods, plus the Angel and Demons as well as Odin and Metatron (all pictured above). Additionally, for this Godfest, it will be possible to roll both the 5 star and 6 star versions of these gods/demons.

3. Guerilla dungeons – 2x chance of kings, 1.5x chance of Tama-Dora and appearance of super metal and super sapphire descended dungeons

4. New Ultimate Evolution Monsters
As has been posted before, the Mystic Knights and Bastet will be getting ultimate evolutions, which will happen during this event. Based on the information here it seems like this will become active on Saturday, 9/28. No word on evolution materials yet.

5. 72 Hour Enquete Dungeon Renewal
As expected, with the release of the ultimate evolution of the Mystic Knights, they are bringing back enquete dungeons 1-3 for 72 hours each. The schedule will be as follows:
– Enquete Dungeon 1 (Chaos Dragon Knight) – 9/28-9/30
– Enquete Dungeon 2 (Verche) – 10/1-10/3
– Enquete Dungeon 3 (Ancient Dragon Knight) – 10/4-10/6

6. Special Noel Dragon Dungeon – open from 10/1 at 15:00 through 10/6 at midnight

7. Plus Eggs x5 in Technical Dungeons

8. Daily Dungeon Bonus – all drop x2 except Saturday dungeon which will be coins x2

9. Skill Up x2

10. Rare Evo Materials in Regular Gacha

Image of Bastet Ultimate Evolution Released

Well after our little hoax yesterday it is nice to get some concrete official news on the Bastet ultimate evolution. Posted on twitter by Murako here is the ultimate evolution of Bastet. See the official tweet below.

New Bastet Skill and Leader Skill Changes Info Leaked?


UPDATE: Seems this was likely a hoax, so stay tuned for the real info on the upcoming Bastet ultimate evolution.

Found over on Pazusoku, it looks like the Bastet skill changes info was possibly leaked on a 6.1 update page on Gungho’s site. The page itself seems to have been taken down but see the picture above and the relevant details below:

– Bastet will get Balance sub type
– Spread Cats (active skill) will be increased to 5 turns active from 3
– Leader skill (cat combination) will have multiplier increased from 2.5x to 3x ATK (when making combo of 4 or more)
– Will get 3 new awoken skills – #4 Skill Boost, #5 Poison Resist, #6 Extend time to move orbs

Will remain to be seen if this ends up being the final skill changes or not, but stay tuned for further updates.