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Athena and Izanagi Ultimate Evolution Details Announced

Along with the previously announced ultimate evolutions and updates (click here), now the ultimate evolutions for Athena and Izanagi have details to go along with them. All of these, as well as the Odin/Genbu updates, will go live at 6/21 at 6:00 JST. In addition to Athena and Izanagi, there are a few other updates as well to the awakening skills for Fagan and Beezlebub’s ultimate evolutions. See all the details below.

Athena and Izanagi Ultimates

Holy City Guardian Athena – Light/Wood Element – God/Attacker Type
Leader Skill – God Type HP slightly up, and Attack x3
Max Level Stats – HP:3018 / ATK:2101 / RCV:0
Awakenings – Darkness Resist, 2 Way, Darkness Resist, 2 Way, Wood Row Enhance, Skill Boost

Ancestral God of Heaven Izanagi – Dual Light Element – God/Physical Type
Leader Skill – When HP is above 80%, God Type Attack and Recovery x3.5
Max Level Stats – HP:3845 / ATK:1366 / RCV:275

Awakening Skill Updates:
[monsterbook id=1342]
Shining Star Yellow Dragon Emperor Fagan
Awakenings – Fire Resist, Water Resist, Wood Resist, Auto Heal, Skill Boost [New]

[monsterbook id=1343]
Dark Yellow Dragon Emperor Fagan
Awakenings – Fire Resist, Water Resist, Wood Resist, Skill Boost, 2 Way [New]

[monsterbook id=1371]
Mad Caged Demon Child Beelzebub
Awakenings – Dark Orb Enhance, Darkness Resist, 2 Way [Updated], Bind Resist, Skill Boost [New]

Groove Coaster Zero and Athena Descended Dungeons Delayed


I believe due to some unforeseen issues the Groove Coaster Collaboration and the Athena Descended dungeons (which were scheduled to start on 7/29) have been postponed. The Groove Coaster Zero dungeon will now begin on 8/12 and run through 8/25, and the Ancient Water Dragon (Bowmore) dungeon will take its place starting on 7/29.

As for the Athena Descended dungeon, a time hasn’t been given for rescheduling this dungeon yet and you should stay tuned for announcements regarding timing of this one.

A couple of additional tidbits – I believe on Twitter Murako announced that the leader skill of Athena will be 3x Attack for God type monsters.

Additionally, it looks like people are picking up that there will be an iOS update of the game coming today or tomorrow, as there is a new version update message for some of the time travelers. So be on the lookout for having to update your game on iOS (I believe Android already had their update).