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Keri-Hime (Princess Punt) and Droid Dragon Ultimate Evolution Details

Gungho has released official details of the Keri-Hime and Droid Dragon ultimate evolutions that will coincide with the 1 year Android anniversary event. See the full details here.

As far as the changes with the evolution, it seems that Keri-Hime has gotten a 100x ATK nuke and Droid Dragon gets a skill that eliminates enemy defense (similar to Shiva/Soldier possibly?).

Puzzle & Dragons iPhone/Android UI Updates Coming

From last night’s Niconico special, Yamamoto showed some UI updates in addition to the new Athena Descended coming on July 29th.

UI rearrange – note the rearranging of the information at the top of the screen

New green window

New way to sort monsters by level, cost and rarity

Android only: implementation of leaderboards/game center-like functionality