Awoken Hades Plus New Characters Goetia and Arsnoa Revealed

Murako revealed on Twitter new characters Awoken Hades, as well as two new characters. Check them out below.

Awoken Hades – Dark/Wood – Devil/Attacker
Skill – Reduce Enemy HP by 20%, and For 1 Turn Increase Orb Move Time by 5 Seconds
Leader Skill – Dark Element and Devil Type Attack x2.5, and Reduce Damage from Dark and Wood Monsters by Half

Goetia – Dark/Wood – Physical/Devil
Skill – Change 3 Random Orbs to Dark Orbs, and Enhance Dark Orbs
Leader Skill – Dark Element Attack x2.5, and Wood Attack Slightly Increased. When Both Colors are Present, Attack x3.5.

Arsnoa – Light/Fire – Attacker/Devil
Skill – Change 3 Random Orbs to Light Orbs, and Enhance Light Orbs
Leader Skill – Light Element Attack x2.5, and Fire Attack Slightly Increased. When Both Colors are Present, Attack x3.5.


Hokuto no Ken Collaboration Announced

Gungho has officially announced a Hokuto no Ken collaboration (also known as Fist of the North Star) for Puzzle & Dragons coming soon. No specific dates have been mentioned, but they have released some details on ‘Rao Devi-Dora’ which you can see some images of below. It looks as though there will be serial codes in Zenon Comics where he can be obtained, so no word on whether there will be other methods to get him. He will have a 25% gravity, and his leader skill is for enhance material monsters HP x2, and Attack x2.5. Check out all of the images below and stay tuned for further details.