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Beezlebub Descended Dungeon Details Officially Announced

Gungho officially announced the Beezlebub descended dungeon details and times earlier on their website. The dungeon will be open from 10/20 at 14:00 through 10/21 at 13:59 Japan time. There will only be a super hell class difficulty for the dungeon, and you can see the first official images from the dungeon below. There will also be a Max Murai challenge for the dungeon, where if he can obtain a no continue clear everyone will get 5 free stones. It will be webcast on the weekly Niconico live web show. Stay tuned for further details as they become available.

News Tidbits – Monster Box to Increase to 700, and More Awakening Skills Revealed This Week


Murako has had a couple of tweets in the past day or so with a couple of updates. First with the next update the max monster box size will be increasing to 700. Additionally, she revealed that some more details on the awakening skill system will be revealed (or released) later this week. She also comments that one of her favorites is a skill by which the attack power of all of the same color drops in a row is increased. Not exactly clear specifically what this skill will be but stay tuned.