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New Technical Dungeon Coming 9/25

Gungho announced that the new technical dungeon featuring Koryu will open on 9/25 at 12:00 Japan time. It will be a 99 stamina dungeon with 8 battles. Some of the Chinese gods such as Haku and Karin will appear as well (see below). The new awakening skill monster ‘Tama-Dora’ will possibly appear as well. The dungeon will appear once you have beaten all levels of the Magic Stone Dragon technical dungeons. See the new pics below and you can read the official release here.

New Technical Dungeon Boss Coming in September

Murako also tweeted that there will be a new Technical Dungeon coming this month and the boss will be the guy pictured, and will be named ‘Koryu (Yellow Dragon)’. See the official tweet below.

New Technical Dungeon Coming 7/22

A new technical dungeon is coming on 7/22 (Monday). It is roughly translated as the cavern of the magic stone dragon, and it will appear after you have cleared the current last technical dungeon (‘Tower of Blazing Fire’, the fire element, no fire orb restricted dungeon).

According to the description, there will be a legendary dragon on each floor, and the first floor will be water/wood dual element Magic Stone Dragon Mithril (or Mythril ?), who is pictured above.

As has been stated before, the leader skill of these dragons will be dual element resist (similar to toy dragons) and the active skill will be to switch leaders to these dragons.

Not clear however is whether this first release will be all of the 5 dragons that have been shown before on this one dungeon or if this will just be this one dragon in this one dungeon (seems like it will be all the dragons based on what it is saying). Also, it seems like they will all be droppable here, which obviously conflicts with the general rule that bosses never drop from technical dungeons, but that seems to be the case here.

Stay tuned for further details, and you can see the official page with info here.