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Mura-Fest Event Coming 8/2 Through 8/11

On the most recent NiconicoTV show they announced that the Murako 500,000 twitter follower event would be starting this Friday running through 8/11. Below are all of the special features of this event.

Mura-collection rare gacha for the event.

God Fest during the event (time TBD).

Sky Dragon Rush special dungeon. Images of the sky dragon ultimate evolutions below:

Elysion (Dark and Light Element)

El Dorado (Fire and Water Element)

Horai (Wood and Fire Element)

Shangri-La (Light and Wood Element)

Nirai Kanai (Water and Dark Element)

Special Dungeons – Enquete Dungeon 4 (Naga Dungeon) and Jewel Dungeon (with x2 Drop Rate)

Daily Magic Stone

5x Chance for Plus Eggs in Technical Dungeons

Increased chance of kings in guerilla dungeons, will have super sapphire and super metal king dungeons

Daily dungeon bonuses

Evo materials in the regular gacha

Skill level up x2

Images are from the Pazusoku blog.

Sky Dragon Rush Possibly Coming, New Ultimate Evolution of Wood Sky Dragon Horai

From Murako on twitter (@pad_sexy), hints at a possible Sky Dragon Rush coming (similar to the currently running Legendary Dragon Rush), as well as an illustration of Wood Skydragon Horai’s ultimate evolution. Possibly the other Sky Dragons will be getting ultimate evolutions as well for the 50 stamina rush dungeon. Stay tuned. Not sure if this will be part of Mura-Fest or not (which will be coming sometime soon, and will also include Enquete/Survey Dungeon 4 and the Jewel Dungeon).