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New Character ‘Kodama’ Info and Skill

New character Kodama that we posted images of a few days ago in relation to possibly the Athena dungeon, now appears that he will be in the Light Sengoku Dungeon most likely, and will have a skill that appears to match the ninja Sasuke’s skill (#559/560) so anyone with him will get some skill ups.

Credit to Minna no Pazdra for the info.

Light Sengoku Dungeon Coming July 22nd

The last dungeon in the Sengoku dungeon series is going to be the Light Sengoku Dungeon and will be coming after the Wind Sengoku Dungeon is gone on July 22nd. The boss dragon will be ‘Taiko Ryu Hideyoshi’. As with the previous Sengoku dungeons the requirements will be that all 5 color elements must be used, and for the purposes of this requirement sub-types don’t count.

Rumored stats for Hideyoshi (via PAD Plus):
Element: Light
Type: Dragon and Physical Type
Cost: 50
Lv. 1 Stats – HP 1773, ATK 685, RCV 70
Lv. 99 Stats – HP 4433, ATK 1439, RCV 231
4 million exp curve
Active Skill – Light element ATK x30 on all enemies
Leader Skill – Light and Physical Types ATK x2