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Android Version Release 2 Year Anniversary Event Announced

Gungho has announced a new event celebrating 2 years since the game was launched on Android, originally on 9/18/2012. The event will run from 9/12 through 9/21, check out the details below.

1. Daily Free Stone (10 Total)

2. 48 Hour Godfest – Featuring Greek 1.0, Chinese and Japanese 2.0 Gods, plus Godfest Exclusives

3. Puzzle & Dragons W Additional Devil Stages Added

4. Zeus Mercury Descended! – 9/12 21:00 through 9/14 20:59

5. Enquete Dungeon 10 – 9/15 through 9/28

6. Spirit Jewel Event – 9/13 through 9/21

7. 5x Chance of Plus Eggs in Tech Dungeons

8. Super King Dragon Descended Dungeons

9. Skill Level Up x2

10. 1.5x Chance for Great and Super When Feeding EXP

11. Daily Dungeon Bonuses

12. Rare Evo Materials in Regular Gacha

13. To Be Determined…..


Puzzle & Dragons W Arashi Collaboration Announced

Gungho has officially announced the rumored Arashi collaboration for Puzzle & Dragons W. Arashi is a J-Pop group that has been featured in some Puzzle & Dragons commercials in Japan. They will have outfits that are tied to their characters in the commercials that will be available in PADW. There will be a special ‘Hello World!’ stage which it appears will give you some of these special items when you clear. The collaboration will run from September 1st through September 28th. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.