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Two New Dungeons Starting Monday – Red Pirate Dragon and Light Mechdragon Renewal

On the upcoming dungeon page Gungho has posted that there will be two new dungeons starting on Monday 11/11. The Red Pirate Dragon Bartholomew (pictured above) and the Light Mechdragon renewal dungeon, which will feature another new chaser monster. Not clear yet on which monster that one will skill up (ie. Kirin or Fagan), so stay tuned on that. You can also see the images of Bartholomew and the new chaser below.

Flame Mechdragon Dungeon Renewal Coming on 10/7

As was mentioned a little while back, the mechdragon dungeons are getting a renewal with some new monsters, and the first one up is the Flame Mechdragon dungeon which will get a fully technical renewal starting on 10/7 and running for one week. The new monster which will be featured will be the one pictured below which Murako tweeted out a while back. Stay tuned for further details on this new version of the Mechdragon dungeons.