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Christmas Event Announced

Gungho has officially announced the Christmas event, running from 12/12 through 12/25. Check out the details of the event thus far below.

1. Daily Free Tama – 12/12 through 12/19 (7 total)

2. Daily Free Stone – 12/19 through 12/25 (7 total)

3. Two GodFests
#1 (Egyptian and Japanese) – 12/12 at 15:00 through 12/13 at 14:59
#2 (Greek and Indian 2.0) – 12/13 at 15:00 through 12/14 at 14:59

4. Christmas Gacha – 12/15 through 12/25

5. Christmas Dungeon – 12/15 through 12/25

6. All Rare Gacha Pulls Have Plus Eggs (includes Christmas Gacha)

7. Descended Challenge Dungeon (click here)

8. Spirit Jewel Dungeon – 12/20 through 12/22

9. Noel Dragon Dungeon – 12/23 through 12/25

10. Spirit Jewel Event

11. 5x Chance for Plus Eggs in Technical Dungeons

12. Guerilla Dungeons

13. Skill Up Chance x2

14. Chance for Great and Super x2

15. Daily Dungeon Bonuses

16. Rare Evo Mats in Regular Gacha

17. BEAMS Collaboration Dungeon – 12/17 through 12/19


Bowl Dragon Series Announced

The next series of Dragons has been announced and it will be the Porcelain Bowl Dragon series, which will be starting on 12/15. It looks as though the dungeons will have element limitations with the first one being limited to Water, Wood and Light monsters. It looks like possibly there will be Elemental skill ups as well as possibly Muse with this first dungeon. There will also apparently be appearances from some of the monsters from the Takaoka and Gunma collaboration dungeons in these dungeons as well. Check out the images so far below.


Descended Challenge Dungeons Coming

Starting today, there were new Descended Challenge Dungeons that are no-continues allowed dungeons that provide similar to the other recent challenge dungeons the chance to get the special skill up monsters. The dungeon will be open from 12/12 at 20:00 through 12/25 JST.

It features a wide variety of the descended dungeons and will provide some of the following items when cleared:
Extreme Hera Rush – Yamipii plus 10m Coins
Extreme Devil Rush – Hikapii plus 2,000 Friend Gacha Points
Wadatsumi Descended (Mythical) – Mokupii
Izanami Descended (Mythical) – Mizupii
Hera Urz Descended (Mythical) – Honopii
Mephisto Descended (Mythical) – Yamipii
Hera Beorc Descended (Mythical) – Hikapii
Beelzebub Descended (Mythical) – Mokupii
Hera Sowelu Descended (Mythical) – Mizupii
Satan Descended (Mythical) – Honopii
Hera Is Descended (Mythical) – Tamadora +9 (+3 HP, +3 ATK, +3 RCV)
Koshumaru Descended (Legend) – Queen Gold Dragon
Goemon Descended (Legend) – Queen Metal Dragon
Takeminakata Descended (Legend) – 2,000 Friend Gacha Points
Hera Descended (Legend) – 2m Coins