Descended Challenge Dungeons Coming

Starting today, there were new Descended Challenge Dungeons that are no-continues allowed dungeons that provide similar to the other recent challenge dungeons the chance to get the special skill up monsters. The dungeon will be open from 12/12 at 20:00 through 12/25 JST.

It features a wide variety of the descended dungeons and will provide some of the following items when cleared:
Extreme Hera Rush – Yamipii plus 10m Coins
Extreme Devil Rush – Hikapii plus 2,000 Friend Gacha Points
Wadatsumi Descended (Mythical) – Mokupii
Izanami Descended (Mythical) – Mizupii
Hera Urz Descended (Mythical) – Honopii
Mephisto Descended (Mythical) – Yamipii
Hera Beorc Descended (Mythical) – Hikapii
Beelzebub Descended (Mythical) – Mokupii
Hera Sowelu Descended (Mythical) – Mizupii
Satan Descended (Mythical) – Honopii
Hera Is Descended (Mythical) – Tamadora +9 (+3 HP, +3 ATK, +3 RCV)
Koshumaru Descended (Legend) – Queen Gold Dragon
Goemon Descended (Legend) – Queen Metal Dragon
Takeminakata Descended (Legend) – 2,000 Friend Gacha Points
Hera Descended (Legend) – 2m Coins

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