Monthly Archives: November 2014


New Guerilla Dungeon Transcendent Metal Dragon Descended Coming

Gungho has announced a new guerilla dungeon for 99 stamina that will primarily feature King Metal and Super King Metal Dragons, with a chance of appearance of Transcendent King Metal Dragon, who will be required for the new Ultimate Evolution of Valkyrie. The dungeon will become possible to appear starting on November 23rd. Check out the images below.

YamaP Reveals New ‘Rogue Dungeon’ Challenge Mode

On the latest webcast there was revealed a new type of rogue dungeon that will be added to P&D sometime in November. It is a type of dungeon where each person on your team gains experience as you go through, and at the end of each ‘level’ after beating the boss, you decide whether to continue, choosing between 3 doors – ‘Easy’, ‘Difficult’ and ‘Escape’. Your leader friend on the dungeons is a ‘Navi-Tama’ who is also shown below. There was a brief play through of a demo of the new dungeons which you can see below.