New Ultimate Evolutions Announced for Amaterasu, Ookuninushi and More

Gungho has announced new ultimate evolutions for Amaterasu, Ookuninushi, Zaerog and others. The ultimate evolutions will go live on 11/15 at 6:00 JST. Check them out below.

New Leader Skills –
Amaterasu – Attacker Type Attack x3, and When Orbs Are Matched, Recover a Lot of HP
Ookuninushi – Dark Element Recovery Slightly Up, and When 6 Combos or More are Made, Attack x4
Zaerog – Team HP Reduced by Half, and Dragon Type Attack x4
Mythril Age – Dragon Type Attack x2, and Reduce Damage From Fire and Water Enemies by Half
Hinokagutsuchi – When Orbs Are Matched, Deal Damage to Enemies

New Active Skills –
Zaerog – Reduce Enemy HP by 15%, and Enhance Fire Orbs
Hinokagutsuchi – For 1 Turn, Reduce Enemy Defense, and Change Water Orbs to Fire Orbs, and Heart Orbs to Dark Orbs

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