Special Challenge Dungeon Event Announced

Gungho has announced a special Challenge Dungeon event starting on 10/8 at 12:00 and running through 10/13. It will feature 10 levels of difficulty, and each level will have a special drop. You can see below some of the staminas and features of some of the floors (such as Lvl 1, 2 and 3 being tri-color and Lvl 6 not having heart orbs). They have also put out the list of the special drops/items to obtain from each dungeon. Also based on the image below, you can assume that the Lvl 10 dungeon is 100 stamina.

Clear Bonuses:
Lv 10 – Yamipi
Lv 9 – Hikapi
Lv 8 – Mokupi
Lv 7 – Mizupi
Lv 6 – Honopi
Lv 5 – Noel Dragon Plan (Max Lvl)
Lv 4 – Tamadora (with plus eggs HP+3, ATK+3, RCV+3)
Lv 3 – Queen Gold Dragon
Lv 2 – Queen Metal Dragon
Lv 1 – 500,000 Coins

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