Monthly Archives: September 2014


30 Million Download Event Announced

Gungho has announced an event celebrating 30 million downloads of Puzzle & Dragons. It will run from 9/26 through 10/5. Check out the details below.

1. Daily Free Stone – Total of 10

2. 48 Hour Godfest – Japanese, Hero Gods, Indian 2.0, plus new Godfest-Only Kari – 9/30 at 15:00 through 10/2 at 14:59

3. Kanginpei Visit! – New Descended Dungeon – 9/30 12:00 through 10/2 at 11:59

4. Spirit Jewel Gift Dungeon – 9/27 through 9/29

5. Spirit Jewel Event – 9/27 through 10/5

6. 5x Chance for Plus Eggs in Technical Dungeons

7. Super King Guerilla Dungeons

8. Skill Level Up x2

9. Chance for Great and Super When Feeding Exp x2

10. Daily Dungeon Bonuses

11. Rare Evo Materials in Regular Gacha

12. Coming Soon….


New Insect Dragon Series Announced

The next dragon series has been announced to be a new ‘Insect Dragon’ series which will presumably start soon. It will feature 5 difficult levels, from Intermediate to Mythical difficulties. No word yet on any restrictions. The first dungeon will be the Flame Insect Dragon, and there will be a special drop there for a Guan Yu skill up. Additionally, it appears that the boss dragon, the Flame Insect Dragon, may be a skill up for Krishna as well. Stay tuned for further details and check out the artwork for the drop and the boss below.