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Puzzle & Dragons W Arashi Collaboration Announced

Gungho has officially announced the rumored Arashi collaboration for Puzzle & Dragons W. Arashi is a J-Pop group that has been featured in some Puzzle & Dragons commercials in Japan. They will have outfits that are tied to their characters in the commercials that will be available in PADW. There will be a special ‘Hello World!’ stage which it appears will give you some of these special items when you clear. The collaboration will run from September 1st through September 28th. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Ninja Evolutions and New Descend Monster Revealed

Murako revealed on Twitter three new characters. One is a new descend character, and the other two are new evolutions for the ninjas. The notable thing here is that the ninjas get new skills, and the skill ups are for Thumbelina and for Lucifer. Yes, the Morning Star finally gets a skill up. The new descend character’s leader skill is Dragon and Attacker Type HP and Attack x2, and his leader skill is to recover 20% HP and reduce binds by 1 turn. Check them out below.


Bikkuriman Collaboration Further Details Announced

As has already been announced, the Bikkuriman Collaboration is coming on Monday, 8/25, and Gungho has revealed some additional details including some new characters for the upcoming collaboration. Check out the images below for some of the new characters and new information on the collaboration. There is also a hint of a Yama Producer character as well.

Collaboration Gacha Characters:

Echidna Rokoko – God/Healer Type – Fire/Light Element
Active Skill – Slightly Delay Enemy Attack, and Recover 4000 HP
Leader Skill – Healer Type HP and Recovery Slightly Up, Attack x3

Shaman Ran – God Type – Light/Light Element
Active Skill – For 2 Turns, Attacks Strike All Enemies
Leader Skill – When Matching 5 Colors at Once, Attack x5

Piedra – Devil/Dragon Type – Dark/Dark Element
Active Skill – Change Jammers and Poison Orbs to Heal Orbs
Leader Skill – Dark Element and Dragon Type Attack x2.5

Hera Maria – Devil/God Type – Dark/Fire Element
Active Skill – Attack 1 Enemy with 200x Attack Attribute Fire Attack
Leader Skill – Extend Time to Move Orbs

Super Awoken Zeus – God Type – Light/Light Element
Active Skill – Reduce Enemy HP by 30%, Recover 4000 HP
Leader Skill – When HP is over 80%, Light Element Attack x3.5

Awoken Black Dios – Devil/Balanced Type – Wood/Dark Element
Active Skill – Change Heart Orbs to Wood Orbs, and Reduce Binds by 1 Turn
Leader Skill – When HP is below 99%, Attack x3

Awoken Herc Odin – Physical/God Type – Wood/Water Element
Active Skill – Attack 1 Enemy with 50x Attack Attribute Wood Attack, and Recover a Little HP
Leader Skill – Physical Type HP and Recovery Slightly Up, Attack x3


Gungho Application 50 Million Download Event Announced

Gungho has announced a new event celebrating 50 million downloads of their smartphone applications. The event will run from 8/22 through 9/7. Check out the details for the event below.

1. Daily Free Stone – 8 Total

2. Daily Free Tama-Dora – 9 Total

3. 48 Hour Godfest – 8/31 15:00 through 9/2 at 14:59
– Featuring Egyptian, Three Kingdoms and Indian 2.0 Gods

4. Return of Special Fruit Dragon Dungeon – 8/24 through 8/26

5. New Chinese God Dungeon – 8/29 through 8/31 – 1 Time Run Dungeon to Drop a Spirit Jewel

6. Special Noel Dragon Dungeon – 9/3 through 9/5

7. Spirit Jewel Event – 8/23 through 9/7

8. Knights Apperances in Castle of Satan – Brood (skill up for Plan) can appear as well

9. 5x Chance for Plus Eggs in Technical Dungeons

10. Super King Dragon Dungeons

11. Skill Level Up x2

12. 1.5x Chance for Great and Super when Feeding EXP

13. Daily Dungeon Bonus

14. Rare Evo Materials in the Regular Gacha