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Dragon Ball Collaboration Dungeon Character Stats and Skills Revealed

In the latest data download we got some details on the monsters that will be in the Dragon Ball collaboration dungeon opening on Monday. The data for the gacha characters has still not been pushed out since the gacha doesn’t open until 6/5, so we will probably get those early next week. Check out the monsters that will be in the Dragon Ball collab dungeons below (including Karin-sama from the special Karin Tower daily dungeon).

[monster id=1379,1381,1383,1385,1387,1389,1391,1392,1393]


Some Further Official Dragon Ball Collaboration Updates Released

As we count down to the opening of the Dragon Ball Collaboration on Monday JST, more details are coming out about the new collaboration and monsters. The collaboration dungeon will be up from 6/2 through 6/15 and the Gacha and the special Karin Tower Dungeon will be from 6/5 through 6/15. Check out all of the newly released images below.

It has also been revealed that there will be 9 characters in the rare gacha. They are as follows:

5 Star:
– Son Goku – Fire Element
– Son Gohan – Water Element
– Vegeta – Dark Element
– Trunks – Water Element

4 Star:
– Piccolo – Wood Element
– Krillin – Light Element
– Yamcha – Fire Element
– Tien Shinhan – Wood Element
– Chiaotzu – Dark Element

There will also be a special ‘Karin Tower’ dungeon that will appear each of 10 days during the event, where Karin will drop. It states that he is an enhance material type monster so we can assume that he will give high EXP when fed. You will receive a stone for each time you clear also for a total of 10 (1 for each day).