Hatsume, Griffon and Kraken Ultimate Evolution Details Announced

Gungho has annoucned the official details on the new Hatsume, Griffon and Kraken ultimate evolutions. The evolutions will become available on 3/13 at 6:00 Japan time. Check out the details below.

Hatsume – Dual water element
Leader Skill – Healer type HP and RCV x1.5, ATK x2
Max Lvl Stats – HP: 2129 / ATK: 1205 / RCV: 708

Kraken – Dual water element – Main type: Physical, Sub-type: Demon
Leader Skill – Physical type HP and ATK x2
Max Lvl Stats – HP: 2611 / ATK: 1629 / RCV: -50

Griffon – Dual wood element
Leader Skill – Attack type HP and ATK x2
Max Lvl Stats – HP: 935 / ATK: 1639 / RCV: 465

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