Batman Arkham Origins Collaboration Returns to P&D Japan

The US got the return of the Batman collaboration around the end of last year, and now it looks like the updated dungeon is making its way to the Japanese version of the game as well. The new dungeon will be up from 3/17 through 3/30. There will also be the Batman collaboration gacha machine up from 3/17 to 3/30 as well. There will also be a new ultimate evolution of the Batman + S-Glove monster. Check out the details below.

Batman & SGAct FB – Gets demon sub-type
Max Lvl Stats – HP: 3903 / ATK: 1398 / RCV: 52

Batman collaboration dungeon renewal with new characters. These have been previously revealed in the US version. You can see all the details of these skill ups/etc here.

Return of the Batman collaboration gacha as well.

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