Monthly Archives: February 2014

Survey Godfest Monsters Announced

As part of this second half of the 2nd anniversary event Gungho had previously announced there was a Survey Godfest, and now the voting is over and the winners have been revealed. See below for the monsters that will be in the upcoming Godfest. The Godfest will run from 2/28 at 15:00 through 3/1 at 14:59 JST.

Siegfried and Cu Chu New Ultimate Evolutions Revealed

Revealed on the 2nd anniversary web special were new ultimate evolutions for Siegfried and Cu Chu. Well Gungho has now revealed the details on the new evolutions, and they will require the new gold keeper that will be in a new keeper dungeon starting this Tuesday. Check out the details of the evolutions below.

The new data for these two will be as follows:
Siegfried – water and light element
Leader Skill – When HP is over 80%, physical type attack x3.5
Max Level Stats – HP: 4019 / ATK: 1209 / RCV: 179

Cu Chu – wood and fire element
Leader Skill – When HP is over 80%, balance type attack x3.5
Max Level Stats – HP: 3007 / ATK: 1261 / RCV: 388

Puzzle & Dragons 2nd Anniversary Event Part 2 Announced

The second half of the mega-sized 2 year anniversary event for Puzzle & Dragons will start on 2/24 and run through 3/9. Check out all of the details below.

1. Daily Magic Stone – 2/24 through 3/3 (7 stones)

2. Daily Tama-Dora – 3/3 through 3/10 (7 tama-doras)

3. Survey Godfest – was a survey for this Godfest, and will possibly feature 20 monsters, will be from 2/28 at 15:00 through 3/1 at 14:59 – stay tuned for the final monster list

4. Return of Eva Collaboration – check out further details here

5. Daily Dungeon Renewal – new keeper dungeon

6. Return of special collaboration dungeons
– Gunma collaboration – 2/26 through 3/1
– Keri-Hime collaboration – 3/3 through 3/6

7. Resetting of friend gacha
– Will reset after maintenance on 3/7
– The 5 Noel Dragons have been added to the gacha as well

8. New Dungeon – Mechdragon Rush – open 3/8-3/9

9. Chance of great or super when feeding exp increased x1.5

10. Skill Up Rate x2

11. Guerilla Dungeons – appearance of all the super king descended dungeons

12. Daily dungeon bonuses
– Tuesday through Friday drop x2
– Saturday coins x2

13. Rare evo materials in the regular gacha (includes twinlits and trifruits)

Gungho and Gunma Collaboration Updates and Awakenings Announced

Gungho has announced new awakenings and some updates to the characters from the Gungho and Gunma collaborations. Check out the details below.

Gunma-kun’s active skill changes from heal for 500HP to reduce damage slightly for 1 turn, and heal for 500HP.

And the characters are getting the following awakenings.

Gunma-kun – wood row enhance and auto heal
Keri-Hime – light orb enhance and skill resist
Gao Gao King – fire orb enhance and skill boost
Seiuchi-san – water orb enhance and water resist
Jelly Angels – wood orb enhance and wood resist
Kite Penpen – light orb enhance and light resist
Devil Eye – dark orb enhance and dark resist
Romantic Cathy – dark orb enhance and attack +50
Ukai Magoroku – water orb enhance and plus 100 HP