Kapibara, Ragnarok Ace Monster and Masterling Awakenings Announced

Gungho has announced that the Kapibara series collaboration monsters as well as the Ragnarok Ace Online collaboration monsters, as well as Masterling would be getting awakenings. You can see the full list below or click here.

New Awakenings List:
Merari Atsui-san – Reduce Fire Damage, Enhanced Fire Orbs
White-san – Reduce Water Damage, Enhanced Water Orbs
Kapibara-san – Reduce Wood Damage, Enhanced Wood Orbs
Hidamari-san – Reduce Light Damage, Enhanced Light Orbs
Bunbun Resent-kun – Reduce Dark Damage, Enhanced Dark Orbs
Don-Domovoi – Attack +50, HP +100
Grendel – Reduce Fire Damage, HP +100
Hrungnir – Enhanced Water Orbs, Enhanced Wood Orbs, Recovery +30
Masterling – Poison Resist, Enhanced Fire Orbs

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