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Return of Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders Collaboration Dungeon Announced

Gungho has announced the 5th iteration of the Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders collaboration, including the FFCD gacha and some of the new ultimate evolutions we have previously announced. The event will run from 11/29 through 12/8. You can see all the official details here.

1. New Ultimate Evolutions for Bahamu and Soldier. Bahamut gets physical sub-type. New leader skills as well.

2. FFCD Collab Character Power Up
– Added some awakenings and more

3. New Chocobo Dungeon

4. Return of Moogle Dungeon

5. FFCD Collab Dungeon Renewal

6. Return of FFCD Gacha

7. Crystals in the Regular Gacha

New Monster Images of Izanami, Dark Chaser and FFCD Evolution Characters

Included in the latest update were some new images for the new Izanami descended dungeon as well as the new Dark Chaser and the already announced Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders ultimate evolutions for Bahamut, Soldier and Malboro King. Check out the new images below, thanks to Pazusoku for the images.

Version 6.2 Update Details Announced, Includes New Challenge Mode – Coming on 11/27

Gungho has put up the official details for Puzzle & Dragons version 6.2, which will be coming tomorrow (11/27). There will be maintenance from 0:00 through 6:00 Japan time on 11/27 for the update. You can read the official maintenance announcement here.

Check out the details of the update below and you can read the official post about the update here.

Challenge Mode Added

The previously announced Challenge Mode will be added with this update. This was previously released as being a mode whereby you create a team with your leader, and subs made up of your friends for taking on the Normal and Technical dungeons.

In order for the Challenge Mode to be available, you will have had to clear past Castle of Satan in the Abyss (深淵の魔王城) in the Technical Dungeons.

When you have cleared all the floors of a dungeon, a star outline will appear on the dungeon indicating that Challenge Mode is available for that dungeon.

Upon selection, a list of your friends to select will appear. You can select to select from all friends.

You choose your monsters from your friends list as shown below.

Note that no friendship points are awarded through challenge mode, and all of your friends will be able to be displayed, regardless of log in time.

Once you have selected your friends you can enter the dungeon. Your friend’s leader skill will not be active and no continues will be allowed.

Once you clear the floor the star will be filled in.

On first clear of the dungeon you will receive a magic stone.

You can access Gungho’s official page with the details on Challenge Mode here.

More team options will become available as follows:
– Rank 99 and below players will have 6 team options
– Rank 100-199 players will have 7 team options
– Rank 200 and above players will have 8 team options

Friends list maximum will be expanded to 300 friends.

Sort function added to friends list.

New options for migrating game data between devices.

New method of backing up game date to iCloud specifically from in game [iOS Only]

21 Million Download Event Announced, Starts Friday at Noon

Gungho announced today a special event starting on 11/22 and running through 12/1 to celebrate 21 million downloads of P&D in Japan as well as receiving a best team of the year nod. The event officially starts at noon on 11/22, and you can check out all of the details below.

1. Daily Free Stone from 11/22 through 11/26 (5 free stones)

2. Daily Free Tama-Dora from 11/27 through 12/1 (5 free Tama-Doras)

3. Godfest – 11/30 at 15:00 through 12/1 at 14:59
– Featuring Greek Gods, Egyptian Gods, Odin, Metatron and Sonia
– For Greek and Egyptian there is a possibility for the 6 star versions to roll as well

4. New Descended Dungeon – Izanami Descended – 11/28 at 21:00 through 11/29 at 20:59
– Will have two difficulties, hell and super-hell

5. Twin-Lit Descended Dungeon – 11/30 – 12/1

6. Tama-Dora Invades in Pendra Village

7. 5x Chance of Plus Eggs in Technical Dungeons

8. Super Metal and Super Sapphire Dungeons Appearance, 2x chance of kings in regular jewels/metals, chance of appearance of Tama-Dora

9. Daily Dungeon Bonus
– Tuesday-Friday Drop x2
– Saturday Coin x1.5

10. Skill Up Chance x2

11. Kings and Super Kings in the Regular Gacha

Rare and Regular Gacha Renewal Details – Including New Water and Dark Valkyries

Gungho has announced some changes to the rare and the regular gacha machines (the egg machines) that will go into effect on 11/22 at noon. Maybe most notable in here is that there are two new Valkyries that will be in the rare gachas as well, for Water and Dark. Note that her active skill for these versions is to change heart orbs to water and dark orbs respectively. As of right now it appears that these are rare gacha only monsters, but maybe there would be some kind of evolution in the future. Also no word specifically yet on whether you would be able to ultimate evolve them for the 3x healer leader skill (although you would have to guess you would be able to). Also, note that during the upcoming gacha promotion (the Light Carnival from 11/22-11/29), there will be 3x chance for the new Princess Valkyries in addition to the increased chance for Light monsters. Check out all of the details on the updates below and you can see the official news on this here.

Rare Gacha Updates
– New Water and Dark Princess Valkyries
– Added more 6 star rarity monsters (such as evolved Siegfried and Hanzo)
– Chance for 3 star monsters reduced, higher chance for 4 star or higher monsters
– Chance for plus egg in rare gacha increased 1.5x
– Level for 3 and 4 star monsters is increased, so you will get more monsters that dispense around level 20 or so

Regular Gacha Updates
For the regular gacha, they have added some new monsters including:
– Dark Lady
– Red Chaser (evolves to Flame Chaser)
– Phoenix
– Hi-Gold Dragon and more metal dragon series