Monthly Archives: October 2013

Baskin Robbins (31 Ice Cream) Collaboration Dungeon Announced

There had already been substantial leaks of information on this collaboration but now the details have finally been released. It will only be up for 24 hours, for the whole day of 10/31 (Japan time). As has been mentioned elsewhere, all of the elemental lits in here will be skill ups for the corresponding color of rider. Ice cream Bastet will skill up regular Bastet as well. Looks like 3 difficulties of dungeon, see the images below.

Survey Godfest Monsters Announced

As mentioned previously, this Godfest during this event will be a survey Godfest which is based on user votes. The voting ended a few days ago and the results are out as far as which gods will be featured (pictured above).

It will be Kirin, Lucifer and Hades as the top 3 picks, and also including Horus, Kushinada, Dark Metatron, Venus, Parvati, Neptune, Orochi, Bastet, Byakko, Ceres, Ra and Amaterasu. The Godfest will be running from 10/31 at 15:00 through 11/1 at 14:59 Japan time.

Batman Collaboration Officially Announced, Includes Dungeon and Rare Gacha

Gungho has officially released details about the Batman collaboration that was discovered in some of the downloaded files in the most recent update. It will be a promotion for the soon to be released Batman Arkham Origins game. The collaboration will run from 10/30 at 12:00 through 11/13 at 11:59 Japan time.

There will be a dungeon, which seems to be only 1 battle against the Joker, but it will have 4 difficulties.

In addition, there will be a Batman rare gacha featuring 5 Batman characters, some of which you can see below. The page also notes that during the 20 million download event all of these rare gacha characters will be plus eggs (through 11/4).

The 5 characters will be:
– Batman and S-Glove (dark/light element)
– Batman and Batwing (dark/water element)
– Catwoman (fire element)
– Robin (wood element)
– Batman and Batarang (dual dark element)

Image of Vampire Lord Ultimate Evolution Released

Murako released on Twitter yesterday an image of the new ultimate evolution for the Vampire Lord. See the official tweet below.

Enquete Dungeon 6 and Jewel Tower Coming on 10/28

An additional piece of the 20 million download event was announced yesterday, notably that the hotly anticipated Enquete Dungeon 6 (the Piedra dungeon) will be coming this Monday, in addition to a return of Jewel Tower. Enquete Dungeon 6 will be up from 10/28 through 11/10 (for 2 weeks) and Jewel Tower will be up for 1 week, until 11/3.