New Bastet Skill and Leader Skill Changes Info Leaked?


UPDATE: Seems this was likely a hoax, so stay tuned for the real info on the upcoming Bastet ultimate evolution.

Found over on Pazusoku, it looks like the Bastet skill changes info was possibly leaked on a 6.1 update page on Gungho’s site. The page itself seems to have been taken down but see the picture above and the relevant details below:

– Bastet will get Balance sub type
– Spread Cats (active skill) will be increased to 5 turns active from 3
– Leader skill (cat combination) will have multiplier increased from 2.5x to 3x ATK (when making combo of 4 or more)
– Will get 3 new awoken skills – #4 Skill Boost, #5 Poison Resist, #6 Extend time to move orbs

Will remain to be seen if this ends up being the final skill changes or not, but stay tuned for further updates.

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