17 Million Download Event and Summer Special Details – Runs 8/12 through 8/23

Right on the immediate heels of the Mura-fest, we are heading straight into the 17 million download event and summer spectacular. Check out the details below for the features of this special event! You can read the official details here.

1. Daily Free Stone (up to total of 12!)

2. Special Descended – Athena Descended – 8/12 21:00 through 8/13 20:59

3. Normal Dungeon Drop Bonus – Normal dungeons will get special drop bonus of 1.5x during the event

4. Special Guerilla Dungeons – will have the appearance of Super Metal, Super Ruby, Super Emerald and Super Sapphire Dungeons, and kings will have a 2x appearance rate in the regular Metal and Color Metal Dungeons.

5. Daily Dungeon Bonus
As follows:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday drop x2
Saturday/Weekend Coins x2

6. Skill Up x2

7. Special Gold Dragons Series in the regular gacha
The regular gacha will have Gold, Hi-Gold, King Gold and Super King Gold Dragons

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