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Puzzle & Dragons Version 6.0 Official Details

GungHo has posted some official details on the awakening special abilities that will become available in version 6.0 that have been previously released. They have also released a monster list for the monsters that will have the awakening abilities. They also showed how the awakening abilities are obtained which is shown below.

For the full official story on this click here. And for a list of all of the monsters that will have awoken/enhanced abilities click here (it is a long list so too long to translate the whole thing).

So when this update is released there will be a new monster that will appear in the Metadora dungeons and in the regular gacha. When the update is released there will also be a 1 time, 1 run dungeon (similar to the event/samba dungeons) where you can obtain this monster.

This monster is important because you will be able to ‘enhance’ abilities in one of two ways.

The first way is to use this special monster to fuse with the monster you want awoken abilities with, and this will cause these abilities to be awoken.

The second way to enhance abilities is to fuse one of the same monster into your current monster to awake the abilities.

So what is not 100% clear is whether your monster will have to be max level and max skill for this to work (as is shown in this picture of Susanoo). It has been speculated before that they will need to be max level, but not sure on whether max skill is also required (hopefully not).

The release date of the update is still to be determined so stay tuned for further developments.

18 Million Download Event Details – Including Godfest

The details have come out on the new event celebrating 18 million downloads in Japan and 20 million downloads worldwide of Puzzle & Dragons. The event starts today (Friday) in Japan and runs through September 8th. It also includes a Godfest featuring the new gods whose details were just released in the last couple of days. See all of the details of this new event below. You can see the full official details here.

1. Daily free stone – the event runs for 10 days so there will be 10 free stones

2. Daily Regular Gacha Point Present – every day you will get 1,000 regular gacha points, for a total of 10,000 points over the course of the event

3. Godfest – running 8/31 at 15:00 through 9/1 at 14:59
Featuring the Japanese gods as well as the new gods just released (Amenouzume, Ookuninushi, Izanagi, Umisachi-Yamasachi and Kushinada-hime) as well as Odin and Metatron

4. Taiko no Tatsujin Collaboration characters in the regular gacha machine

5. Special knight appearances in Castle of Satan normal and technical dungeons

6. Increased King rates in guerilla dungeons and appearance of Super King Metals and Super King Emerald Dragon dungeons

7. Daily dungeon bonuses – coin rate is x1.5 on weekend dungeon, drop rate is x2 on all other daily dungeons

8. Skill up rate x2

More New Gods Skills and Info – Kushinada-Hime and Izanagi


Murako posted on twitter some images of the other two gods, along with the other 3 posted earlier today, that should make up at least one half of the upcoming Godfest. These are the evolved forms of Kushinada-Hime and Izanagi. See the skills information below.

Active – Damage reduction skill for one turn (most likely 75% reduction)
Leader – When matching 3 combos or more attack goes up, maximum of 10x attack (not clear what the gradient is here)

Active – For 1 turn, God type attack x1.5
Leader – When HP is full, God type attack x3.5


New Gods Skills and Info – Amanouzume, Umisachi-yamasachi and Ookuninushi


New god types coming at the end of this week. Some of these illustrations have been released before but Murako tweeted earlier that these would be coming this week. We can assume there will probably be a godfest event and possibly the 18 million download event starting tomorrow.

For these 3 gods the skills info is below:

Active – for 3 turns recovery x1.5
Leader – with full HP, fire attack x3.5

Active – change wood to water drops, change recovery to wood drops
Leader – when matching water, wood, light and dark attack boost x5

Active – some kind of delay skill (stay tuned on this one)
Leader – 6 combo or greater boost attack power x3.5



Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Collaboration Dungeon Monsters and Skills Info


Over at Minna no Pazdra, for the new Ragnarok Odyssey Ace collaboration some of the monster info and skills have leaked out with the latest pushed update. See below. Looks like Minerva (quick bomb) and Susanoo are getting skill ups. And the bosses active skill will be enhance/power orbs for water and wood.